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Remote Worker Security Concerns Leading to Growth

Shari Divone
October 21, 2020

Security is becoming a mainstream headline for technology executives during COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a higher level of awareness of security and disaster recovery concerns among Futura clients. More business is being conducted online by millions of new remote workers. Although the transition was rapid and efficient there existed many holes in companies' networks. Futura immediately offered to clients existing solutions and technologies that can be implemented quickly that ensure safe and secure computing. New projects were initiated to implement Cisco AMP to enhance cyber-security and endpoint protection. Customers have also migrated to the cloud, upgraded servers and communication technologies to create the additional bandwidth required by their expanding networks. " I am so proud of how we were able to offer, implement and take live the growing list of our client's technology needs, " stated Futura's Executive Director, Shari Divone.

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Remote Worker Security Concerns 

Futura Services delivers end point cyber security solutions protecting today's remote worker. Learn how remote workers have effected the cyber security solution business.  

Remote Works-Security Risk

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