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Hot Spare Pool Services

"Hot Spare" Pool Services

Minimize Operational Downtime.

Our "Hot Spare" Pool program keeps our customers running with pre-configured computing products and related accessories stored and maintained at our offices. In the event an end user needs a computing replacement due to malfunction that cannot be addressed remotely, our team can same day ship for next day delivery a customer-ready pre-configured replacement device. If necessary, the replacement device can be met on-site by Futura provided “Smart Hands” to install and set up the device and accessories.  Our goal is to keep your users operational and minimize downtime. 

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Hot Spare Pools

Spare Pools

  • "Customer Ready" Product Quantities On-Hand
  • Customer Computing Gold Images Maintained
  • Perpetual Inventory Reporting 
  • Delivered When Needed

Business Continuity

  • Hotline for Remote Troubleshooting
  • Same Day or Next Business Day Delivery
  • "Smart Hands" to Install Replacement
  • Pre-Paid Return Shipping Labels Included

Service Performance

  • Warranty & Break/Fix Facilitation
  • Asset Retirement/Replenishment Suggestions
  • Service Level Management


  • Detailed Reporting & Metrics
  • Training Opportunity Identification
  • SLA Attainment and Performance

Quickly Have Broken Devices Replaced

Contact Us

Simply contact us to report a malfunction and to initiate a "spare pool" replacement through our help desk.

Equipment Delivered

We ship overnight or next business day a pre-configured replacement device to meet your needs with a return label for the malfunctioning device.


We manage the repair process from testing to warranty repairs and either place the device back into the pool or a new device is purchased.

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